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Camelford, Advent & Michaelstow

Camelford.Camelford, Michaelstow and Advent are parishes which lie on the north west edge of the Moors. Camelford has had a chequered history, during the 13th Century it boasted two members of parliament and importantly lay on the only main route through Cornwall. However in 1769 the direct route across the moors was opened (now the A30) and 100 years later the new railway line was built away from the town to be directed towards the Delabole slate quarry. In more recent times despite the fact it lost its market Camelford remains a vibrant town with a pretty park beside the river Camel which winds its way behind the old house of the main street.

The parish church in the small village Michaelstow is deicated like many others in the county to St Michael the patron saint of Cornwall and contains within its grounds a holy well, there are also the remains of chaple nearby at Helsbury Castle. Advent does not even contain a village but only 'a sad little church' (Sir John Betjeman) standing in a field, but however does have some of the finest views of Bodmin Moors most dramatic feature - Roughtor

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